Glow Pebbles, Purple, 10pcs

The package of a standard 5mm LED, but, a set of two, the clear one of which emits 940nm infrared, the black one acts as a photodiode for the same wavelength.

These components in tandem can be used as an optical interrupt gap, such as an RPM counter, a limit switch, or even elementary IR remote control. Operating specs are as follows:

Power: 0.15w
Receiving Angle: 40 degrees
Forward Voltage: 1.3-1.4v for emitter, 1.1-1.4v for photodiode
Wavelength: 940nm
Maximum power: 70 mw
Maximum forward current: 30ma
Maximum reverse voltage: 5v
Maximum pulse current peak: 75ma

Each purchased unit will come with one emitter and one receiver.

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