Cree Sk68 3W LED Flashlight

Do you ever get tired of those LED flashlights you find in checkout lines, that have no appreciable optics, no power supply circuit, run dim or flickery after the first few hours of use, and require three AAA batteries in that funny plastic holder? We do!

In lieu of this sad state of LED flashlight affairs, we sourced a reliable basic flashlight, made with reputable parts, operating with one super-bright diode, and one AA battery. In doing so, we picked up some bonus features as well!

•Cree® Q5 White LED Diode
•Rated at 3W, and 250 Lumens
•Efficient Switching Power Supply
•JUST ONE AA or 18650 Lithium Battery
•Durable Aluminum Case
•Adjustable Focus PMMA Optics, Capable of Floodlight or Beam Mode
•Three Settings, Full Bright, Half Bright, and Strobe
•O-Ring Seals for Water Resistance

Fantastic gift for any outdoors type, or just to keep on the bedside table. Use our Glow Keychains to find them at night!

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