Atomized Steel

Atomized steel powder, much finer than "iron filings" sold in most "science" kits to "children" these days, excellent for magnetics, fireworks, or adding cheap easy weight to your project.

Very capable pigment for making magnetic pastes, putties, and paints, but a little too clunky for proper ferrofluid. Some paint mediums react with metallic powders over time, so we recommend mixing and using as needed.

Also works well for cold-casting, which is a way to cast objects with a metallic look, weight, and feel, but without the machinery necessary to actually cast steel. Simple mix roughly 1/1 by weight of this powder with your resin of choice, let cure, then polish for a metallic finish. As this is iron, not stainless (which we also offer), it will rust, just like actual iron.

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