Our fluorescein dyes are an invaluable resource for fine leak detection, flow tracking and monitoring, and fluid dynamics. Also plenty of fun to experiment with or use for crafts or decoration.

Q:This dye is red, not fluorescein green as shown. Why?

A:One of the things that makes the fluorescein salt so interesting is that it is only fluorescent when dissolved at the proper concentration. The dyes we sell are concentrated, so they do not flouresce on their own, but glow vividly once dissolved in the appropriate fluid.

Q:Which dye is correct for me?

A:We offer dyes for water-based fluids, which includes glycol and other POLAR solvents, oil-based fluids, which includes fuel, diesel, and other oils, an A/C refrigerant coolant and lubricant for R134a and R12 air conditioning systems, and a craft-grade which is the same as the water-based but cheaper, and isn't manufacturer certified.

Q:Are Safety Data Sheets available?

A:Yes, for our Oil dye and Water/glycol dye.