Hopefully, all of your questions on our glow powder will be addressed here. If they aren't, please feel free to contact us!

Q: What makes them glow?

A:They absorb light that hits them, and store it in their molecular structure by moving electrons to a different orbit. Over time, the electrons fall back to their original orbits, and release the energy in the form of light. There are many different compounds that do this, including inorganic sulfides and various aluminates. Our "Glow Powders" are nothing but the pigment itself, all other glow products simply add these pigment to paint/plastic/whatever.

Q: Are they safe?

A:All of our glow pigments are considered non-toxic and 100% non-radioactive, but inhalation of ingestion should be avoided because, much like sand, they may cause abrasion damage to internal tissues. They are not approved by the FDA or any other organization.

Q: What do they look like when they aren't in the dark?

A: Most are white or off-white, if fully charged, they will look a more pale version of their glow color. In paint, they look only very subtly off-white.

Q: Can I make a glowing liquid by mixing them with water?

A: Unfortunately, no. These pigments are "dry" pigments, not dyes, meaning they will never dissolve, they will simply sink to the bottom unless you're using a very thick fluid. Again, think sand.

Q:What colors are available? How bright are they? How long do they last?

A: Long answer, because we offer a lot of products!

Color: Brightness: Endurance: Particle Size:
Red 8 20 Min. Dust
Orange 8 20 Min. Dust
Yellow 6 1 Hour Fine
Green 10 14+ Hour Dust
LP Green 11 16+ Hour Granules
Aqua 9 12+ Hour Fine
LP Aqua 10 16+ Hour Granules
Blue 7 8+ Hour Fine
Purple 5 6+ Hour Fine